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Links and Documents

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Article: “Magnetic Coupling in Transmission Lines and Transformers”

Article: “Use FFTs To Time Align Asynchronous Waveforms”

Paper: “Measuring Transformer Coupling Factor k”

Paper: “Asynchronous Clock Switcher”

Paper: “Signed Phase Measurement”

Paper: “Current Transformers”

Paper: “Common Mode Choke Analysis”

Paper: “Delay Line Manchester Decoder”

Paper: “Coordinates of the Reciprocal of a Vector”

Paper: “SPICE RF Transformer Modeling”

Paper: “Calculate Inductor AC Flux Density”

Mathcad Prime document: “AC Resistance”. Using equations from Dr. Howard Johnson to calculate AC resistance of wires and PCB traces.

Mathcad Prime document: “Common” (Common definitions included in .mcdx worksheets.)

Mathcad 11 document: “Time Response of H(s)”. Using the inverse FFT to obtain a time domain waveform from a system function in the s domain.

Mathcad 11 document: “IIR Filter Synthesis by Bilinear Transform”. Creating infinite impulse response filter coefficients from an 8th-order Bessel analog filter transfer function.

Mathcad 11 document: “Closest P Percent”. Returns X rounded to the nearest P percent standard value, including the nonstandard EIA values for 5, 10, and 20 percent.