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Front end system, digital, and analog circuit design for industrial test equipment. 0.1 - 20 Vpp 10 kHz - 10 MHz transmitter, sensitive differential receiver, 80 MHz ADC and DACs, digital down conversion and filtering in FPGA, subsequent digital signal processing. Also algorithm development, 3D board layout, project management, subcontracting, and documentation.
Inductively-coupled battery chargers, manufacturing test fixtures, design for cost-reduction, magnetic field studies, 3D board layout for compact consumer-item devices.
Several projects for various customers including stylus pen hardware, a haptic feedback system, and troubleshooting battery backup system software.
Consumer item, 300 Vp-p 45 W ultrasound bursts from handheld battery operated device, including inductive battery charging. Responsible for all electronic design including RF, controller, software, and 3D board layout.
New system design and original system maintenance and upgrades for down-hole sonar probe used in brine, gas, and oil cavern surveying. High-power transmitter and low-noise receiver, 50 - 550 kHz system frequencies, long-line comm link, plus microcontrollers, switching power supplies, stepper motor control, DSP-based velocimeter, etc. Responsible for all electronic design and board layout of 23 different boards with intricate packaging, plus three controller firmware packages including DSP. Project involved extensive documentation, simulation, and test, and a small-production run of 40 systems.
Developed therapeutic ultrasound control and measurement system, including 68332 processor core and embedded code, 50 MHz direct digital synthesis, RF amplification, no-trim thermocouple measurement system accurate to 0.2 degrees C, and A/D data acquisition. FCC Class B testing on prototypes. Follow-on work calculating system reliability statistics, and further follow-on as part of a new system design team responsible for switching RF power amplifiers and complex power measurement.
Contract for National Marine Fisheries Service to produce ultraminiature ultrasound implant tags and receiver system for tracking salmon migration through hydroelectric plants. Also several design reviews and involvement in other projects.
Consumer item, hardware and software design and 3D board layout for tiny illuminating hand tool hub insert. Very low cost, very compact hardware and software.
System design and project management, plus detailed design and board layout for high-power ultrasound RF drivers for fat emulsification system.
Resonant ultrasound driver design to boost AA batteries to several watt bursts at several hundred volts for consumer item, also design reviews and consulting.
Design review for a portion of a high-end medical ultrasound imaging system.
Design review and consulting for implantable cardiac flow telemetry and measurement system.
Schematics, analysis, and design review for optically-controlled switch network components; control loops, high voltage piezo motors, and digital logic.
Embedded 68HC908 controller hardware and firmware design and Windows GUI for control of a microwave radio. Also telemetry link and hardware design review.
Developed prototype ultrasound transit time flow sensor for implanted vascular flow sensing, capable of resolving 10 ps time shifts using a pulsed phase-locked loop technique.
Embedded controller firmware design and Windows GUI for control of a microwave radio.
System design of high-resolution low-latency video conferencing system. Bandwidth and processing analysis, architecture and IC research for optimum performance and flexibility with low cost.
Design review, implementation, and test of 8051-based boost controller for Triana satellite system.
Design and development of high intensity focused ultrasound controller board for research system, expandable to 1024 channels. Embedded processor and code, distributed 50 MHz clocking system, selftest feedback bus, VME form factor. Extensive RF amplifier modeling and optimization in SPICE.
Research and development, algorithm design and analysis, digital signal processing design for catheter mounted ultrasound cardiac flow measurement system. Responsible for signal processing and digital hardware design and implementation, including a 75 MSa/s data acquisition system. Developed 3D angle and flow determination algorithms, velocity estimation algorithms, and signal processing algorithms. Extensive analysis and simulation using custom code and numerical analysis CAE.
Provided design and implementation consulting for an Ethernet interface, also complete design and documentation for cost-reduced embedded processor board, and redesign of an RF detector circuit for improved sensitivity.
DSP algorithm development, digital signal processing hardware and software design, analog circuit design, and PCB layout for cellular phone fraud detection system. Designed 12-bit 100K Sa/s A/D systems for PC environment, 68360-based control board including 8"x10" 6-layer PCB layout, several analog filters, a 900 MHz cellular band FM transmitter, and waveform extraction and matching algorithms.
Quick design and layout of a small daughterboard for production rework.
Project management and Visual Basic GUI development for a custom modification to a research medical ultrasound machine in Japan.
Completed feasibility study, prototype, and Windows GUI for custom alteration of a blood glucose testing system.
Completed crash prototype development in time for a trade show: video waveshaping design, schematics, 6-layer PCB layout and fabrication, circuit breadboard, parts procurement, assembly, test, and integration of four units in two weeks.
Original member of design team for a startup producing an infrared and ultrasound based swimming pool safety monitor. Responsible for hardware design including RF transmitter and receiver and microcontroller, and also software design and development. Worked under NIH grant.
Designed production version of a SCSI interface between an Apple Powerbook and a desktop computer ("Laptop Liberator"). Cost-sensitive consumer design completed quickly. Took through FCC Class B testing.
Ongoing engineering, troubleshooting, and new system design for former employer.