Who We Are

Exality Corporation is an electronic engineering consulting company.

Exality means Excellent Quality in electronic design. 


Exality Corporation
1002 SW Normandy Terrace
Normandy Park, WA, USA

voice 206-241-7693
cell 206-276-3019
fax 815-550-8580


What We Do

We help startups and established companies develop new products, from initial ideas to prototypes ready for production. This may involve:
  • Brainstorming, idea creation, and functional partitioning
  • Mathematical analysis, modeling, simulation, and algorithm development
  • Component research and detailed design implementation
  • Prototype construction and testing
  • Production of engineering documents including schematics, bills of material, test procedures, lab notes, etc.
  • Handoff to manufacturing
We can work independently as a turn-key product development source, or as a member of a larger team. We have complete laboratory facilities and engineering expertise, and can bring in additional development resources as required, including:
  • Engineering Specialists: Electronic, Ultrasound, Mechanical, Software
  • Technicians and Assemblers
  • PCB Layout and Fabrication Facilities